nourish your body

elevate your health

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digest efficiently

no extracts, no synthetics - just pure, organic ingredients as earth intended.

we believe earth always knows best. that’s why we only use herbs and superfoods in their whole form, without using any extracts, isolated compounds, or any ingredients that are produced or altered in a lab. our simple, yet powerful blends are uniquely effective because you get to experience all parts of the herb, rather than a concentrated fraction of it. start your journey to creating foundational health with whole herbs and superfoods, as earth intended.

the human body is naturally unique, vibrant, radiant.

living in a modern world with constant stress and exposure to toxins eventually takes a toll on our innate energy and ability to thrive, creating serious health problems. fortunately, our planet provides the natural tools necessary to preserve and elevate our health. 

we’ve thoughtfully blended nutritionally dense and powerful algae, herbs & roots into formulas that can help support our well-being on a foundational level, protecting from potential health complications associated with a stressful modern lifestyle.* 

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  • foundational health for a modern world

    simple, herbal formulas to help you live life vibrantly

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  • natural wellness, made simple

    no extracts, no synthetics. just pure, organic ingredients as earth intended


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