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grounding root blend


we can all use some help getting grounded and reducing stress. this intentional blend of organic roots helps to balance the mind and body, supporting a healthy stress response, fighting fatigue, and contributing to a resilient immune system.*

certified organic ingredients

astragalus root, eleuthero root, ashwagandha root, panax ginseng root, ginger root

third party tested for purity; pesticides, mold, gluten & heavy metals


take 1 capsule up to 2 times daily.


balance is naturally energizing without caffeine, so it's best to take before 2pm, to avoid potential sleep disturbances.

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gluten free

no fillers

third party tested

no flow agents

no synthetics

no extracts

  • astragalus root

    this adaptogenic root is not only a powerful stress reliever, but is also known to activate T-Cell production, one of the strongest parts of the immune system*

  • eleuthero root

    also known as "siberian ginseng," this is another adaptogenic root that promotes a healthy stress response, a healthy immune response + grounding support for the spleen*

  • panax ginseng

    also known as "asian ginseng,", we've included this form of ginseng for its ability to increase energy levels while promoting a healthy stress response*

  • ashwagandha

    the most famous of ginsengs, ashwagandha is also known as "indian ginseng." we love it for its ability to balance cortisol and reduce stress and anxiety*

  • ginger

    popular for its anti-inflammatory effects and immune boosting properties, we included ginger for additional “grounding” root support, as well as its ability to support spleen & lymphatic function*

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  • 1 capsule

  • with water

  • morning or afternoon

how does balance work?
the ingredients in balance target the spleen: in traditional chinese medicine, the spleen plays a vital role in overall wellness. it is also correlated with the emotion of worry. that's why the spleen is a crucial component of a resilient immune system and a healthy stress response.

how is it different?
this grounding formula of roots and adaptogens will leave you with a feeling of energized calm - a feeling of being more connected to yourself and the earth, giving you the strength & resilience required to face the stress of our modern world.*

what changes will I notice?
our blends are simple, but powerful. you can notice an increase in energy, improved mental clarity, and an improved response to stress within the first week of taking balance regularly.*


learn more on our full FAQ page


Elevate, Balance, and Digest are all made with 100% certified organic ingredients. All ingredients in Nourish are certified organic except
for the Hydrilla Verticillata - which is an algae that is not yet available from a certified organic farm. However, we test each batch of
Nourish for heavy metals, gluten and pesticides to ensure quality + purity.


Yes! We test each batch of herbal blends for heavy metals, mold, gluten and pesticides.