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healthy elimination blend


digest efficiently. it's important to make sure you are properly eliminating toxins, rather than re-absorbing them in your gut. digest is a safe + effective blend that can be used daily to promote regular elimination and support a healthy inflammation response in the gut.*

certified organic ingredients

triphala, marshmallow root, slippery elm, nopal cactus

third party tested for purity; pesticides, mold, gluten & heavy metals


take 2 capsules up to 2 times daily. best taken after meals or right before bed.


for chronic constipation, take 2 capsules twice daily until regular bowel movements are consistently achieved. for optimizing regular digestion, take 2 capsules before bed each night.

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gluten free

no fillers

third party tested

no flow agents

no synthetics

no extracts

  • triphala

    a blend of 3 Indian fruits that act as a natural, gentle, non-habit-forming laxative. safe to use long term, it’s the perfect foundation for this digestion-supporting blend*

  • marshmallow root

    a mucinologinous herb, meaning, it creates a smooth gel-like substance that makes bowel movements easier to pass while relieving discomfort and supporting reduced inflammation*

  • slippery elm

    this herb also has mucinologinous properties, helping to soothe the digestive tract while acting as a natural + gentle laxative*

  • nopal cactus

    high in both fiber & magnesium, nopal cactus helps to reduce constipation and replenish essential
    minerals. it also has the added benefits of balancing blood sugar and reducing cholesterol*

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  • 2 capsules

  • with water

  • before bed or after meals

how does digest work?
the ingredients in digest work together to gently encourage bowel movements, without the risk of habit formation or mineral imbalance. most ‘natural’ laxative formulas are too strong, and can swing the pendulum too far in the other direction. with digest, you’ll never feel like you’re running to the bathroom.

the importance of elimination
true wellness is achieved when you have a healthy, balanced gut, but that’s not possible when you have backed-up waste moving too slowly through the digestive tract, creating a risk for re-absorption of toxins. the goal is to have 1-3 healthy bowel movements per day.

what changes will I notice?
our blends are simple, but powerful. digest gets to work overnight. we recommend taking 2 capsules before bed with plenty of water, for a healthy bowel movement in the morning.*


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Elevate, Balance, and Digest are all made with 100% certified organic ingredients. All ingredients in Nourish are certified organic except
for the Hydrilla Verticillata - which is an algae that is not yet available from a certified organic farm. However, we test each batch of
Nourish for heavy metals, gluten and pesticides to ensure quality + purity.


Yes! We test each batch of herbal blends for heavy metals, mold, gluten and pesticides.