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whole body wellness blend


nourish your body. formulated with intention, this blend contains some of the highest vitamin & mineral containing plants and herbs. nourish contains whole-food B vitamins (including B-12), calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, and other essential minerals that can benefit adrenal health + contribute to whole body wellness.*

organic ingredients

camu camu, hydrilla verticillata, holy basil, nettle

third party tested for purity; pesticides, mold, gluten & heavy metals


start with 1 capsule daily. add 1 capsule each week until you reach 3 capsules daily.


jumping into a full serving right away may result in unwanted detox side effects such as a slight headache, fatigue and irritability. give your body time to adjust to these powerful + nutrient dense superfoods.*

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gluten free

no fillers

third party tested

no flow agents

no synthetics

no extracts

  • Hydrilla Verticillata

    this easily cultivated algae is among the most nutrient dense superfoods on the planet; especially high in magnesium, calcium, vitamin A & C, B-vitamins (particularly B-12), and iron. hydrilla can support the body in many ways: healthy energy levels, balanced mood, vibrant skin and hair, and many more.*

  • Camu Camu Berry

    one of the highest plant sources of vitamin C, plus, it’s high in antioxidants. we included enough camu camu per serving to reach 100% of your daily value of vitamin C – a nutrient that is often overlooked for nourishing the adrenals, therefore helping to manage stress and anxiety.*

  • Holy Basil Leaf

    you usually hear about holy basil as a natural stress reliever, but we especially love it because of its B-vitamin content. also high in minerals, this potent adaptogenic herb is a perfect addition to this whole body wellness formula.*

  • Nettle Leaf

    another nutrient dense herb, high in important minerals that our EMF – exposed bodies crave. nettle can also support a healthy allergy response, balanced blood sugar, improved circulation + much more.*

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  • 1-3 capsules

  • with water

  • morning or evening

what does nourish do?
living in a modern society, we’ve come to accept a certain level of stress as ‘normal,’ but your body doesn’t have to suffer for it. with support from nutrient-dense algae and herbs, nourish is a foundational formula that you can lean on daily for stress & overall wellness.*

a little goes a long way
since the nutrients in this blend are naturally occurring in the algae, herbs, and superfoods, rather than isolated extracts, nourish essentially ‘micro-doses’ important B vitamins.* it also provides close to 100% of your vitamin C daily value. these are all vital nutrients that are often depleted when we're living in a state of chronic stress.

what changes will I notice?
our blends are simple, but powerful. you can notice an improved response to stress, and balanced mood + increased energy levels within a week of taking nourish regularly.*


learn more on our full FAQ page


Elevate, Balance, and Digest are all made with 100% certified organic ingredients. All ingredients in Nourish are certified organic except
for the Hydrilla Verticillata - which is an algae that is not yet available from a certified organic farm. However, we test each batch of
Nourish for heavy metals, gluten and pesticides to ensure quality + purity.


Yes! We test each batch of herbal blends for heavy metals, mold, gluten and pesticides.